Best places to eat in Spokane

Here are the top thirty places to eat in Spokane, as voted by you, the discerning reader. (Voting functionality is currently down, and will be back up shortly.) The percentage indicates the number of recommendations a spot has.

1.Veraci Pizza100%
2.Bon Bon Lounge100%
3.Method Juice Cafe100%
4.Latah Bistro97%
5.Wild Sage Bistro96%
6.Italia Trattoria96%
7.De Leon Foods96%
8.INDABA Coffee95%
9.Rocket Market95%
10.Taste of India94%
11.Casper Fry93%
14.Sante Restaurant & Charcuterie91%
15.Picabu Neighborhood Bistro91%
16.Atticus Coffee & Gifts90%
18.Saranac Public House89%
19.Manito Tap House88%
20.Sweet Frostings. Blissful Bakeshop88%
21.Central Food87%
22.South Perry Pizza87%
23.Vien Dong87%
24.Satellite Diner86%
26.D Lish's 81%
27.El Que80%
28.Fire Artisan Pizza Spokane80%
29.Azar's Restaurant79%
30.Lantern Tap House78%