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Mustard Seed


Mustard Seed cover

Located in Spokane's equivalent to the Louvre, the Northtown Mall, is Mustard Seed, another Montana franchise, one that make Ciao Mambo and MacKenzie River Pizza Company proud.

Mustard Seed is all about Asian food. It's anybody's guess if Asian means everything from the Middle East to Japan, but that's neither here nor there. Asian it is, and who are we to argue?

Tastefully decorated like a PF Chang's, with view of the mall interiors, we have to give credit where credit is due: There are worse looking restaurants in town.

There probably are worse menues around too, but not nearly as many. Never have the words "deep" and "fried" been thrown around quite as much on a menu. It's almost impressive.

We started off with spring rolls that tasted like something fried and not a whole lot more. Do not get the spring rolls, even though they sum the menu up pretty neatly.

Next were the Asian tacos, because my Asia is all about tacos. Here we had fluffy flour tortillas in the style of Mission Foods, with curry chicken, no doubt courtesy of Uncle Ben's. Iceberg lettuce on the side? You bet!

So what's the saving grace here then? The service was friendly. And the green beans in a garlic soy sauce weren't horrible. The rest was somewhere on the southside of "eh".

The only real reason to visit this spot is if you have an outing with your less than exciting co-workers who want to go to Chili's across the hall. Mustard Seed is better than Chili's -- that's something you can quote me on.