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👋 It’s been almost ten years since we bid farewell to Spokane, but that doesn’t mean we’re not around. Nor does it mean we don’t write about Spokane now and again. Check out our newsletter, The Awesomeness Digest, which you also can subscribe to. And below, for your convenience, find the ever-updating Liquor License Stalker™ and the current going-ons in Spokane’s blog world.

The Spokane Posts

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The Awesomeness Articles

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Jan 08, ’24The Spokane Mini Food Tour: Chapter III—The Coffee-ing
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The Liquor License Stalker™

The man—aka the Liquor Board—keeps all the secrets of places opening around Spokane. We snoop on their information. View full listing.

Feb 16Gerardo Mexican Food1530 E Francis Ave
Feb 15Fizzie Mulligans331 W Hastings Rd
Feb 12Pizza Factory123 S Broad St
Feb 12West Plains Brewing12622 W Sunset Hwy Unit D
Feb 12Pacific To Palouse1020 S Perry St Ste 102

Latest From Spokane

The latest from Spokane blogs and other relevant sources. View all links.

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Feb 14, ’24Spokesman.com: Food storiesFor Nasrollah and Samira Mohammadi, serving their guests is an honor at Emran Restaurant and Market
Feb 14, ’24Spokesman.com: Food storiesChex Mix has become the symbol of overpriced airport snacks
Feb 14, ’24Inland Northwest Business WatchCurtains Rise Again: The Garland Theater's grand return with exciting upgrades coming on March 1st