Chocolate Apothecary


Chocolate Apothecary cover

We have mentioned Chocolate Apothecary before, and we will gladly mention it again. Because, really, there are many things to like about the chocolate shop in the Flour Mill. Many things, although their opening hours are not among them. Sunday, 11 to 5? OK. 9 to 7, Monday through Thursday? No problem. 9 to 4 on Friday? Well... Closed on Saturday? Huh.

We're all for supporting a local business and such, but the local business should also support us. One important aspect of that is to have opening hours that actually benefit the customer. I understand the reasoning behind these hours here and all, but, anyway...

When the store actually is open, it is one that is pretty awesome. They do, of course, carry Chuao chocolates which, at $6 a bar, aren't a cheap pleasure, but a great pleasure all the same. There's a good selection of other bars too, many with some "creative" flavors. Add to that a selection of chocolates aimed at cooking and baking, and you got yourself a good variety here. The only other place we can think of that is comparable is Latah Bistro. (In case you didn't know, you can buy bars there too.)

Grabbing a hot chocolate -- Chuao used for many of them -- is also well worth while.  We're not talking anything quite as intense as Jacques Torres's Wicked hot chocolate (worth checking out if you hit NYC) but this is the real stuff at any rate.

We like the Chocolate Apothecary. We wish the hours were a bit more... open... but what can you do? Go there when it's open, and grab some chocolates. You owe yourself that much.