Bennidito's Pizza


Bennidito's Pizza cover

We have sort of a love-hate-indifference relationship to Bennidito's'. Sure, there are plenty of things to like about the place. The pizzas, as long as you skip delivery, are pretty awesome. Not Flying Goat/South Perry/Veraci-awesome, but probably the best in the region as far as thick crust pizza goes. Craving some crazy cheesy toppings, always fresh tasting, with an odd but fun pesto sauce? Bennidito's is your place. There are all kinds of combinations to choose from, many original, and pretty much all good.

Also worth trying are the bread sticks and the beer buddies, all coming in at less than $4. That's one hell of a deal for a lot of food.

Not all is so rose-y, however. What kind of attitude you'll get from the waiter seems to be sort of a Russian roulette type situation. Don't get me wrong; it's great to have pride in working at a fun, happening spot, but that doesn't really give you the right to have a superiority complex because of it. That's not to say everybody working there have that attitude, but enough do to make it annoying.

Also, don't order delivery. Remember those Domino's commercials (or Pizza Hut... one of those) with the cheesy lid? Yeah, that's pretty much what you'll get, and we're talking cold cheese at that.

So no. Go and fight the crowd -- annoying, but it's a good thing it's a popular spot -- and bank on getting one of the nice staffers. Order a beer from their highly decent selection, and grub down on good fluffy pies and excellent bread sticks. As far as a comfort-pizzeria goes, Bennidito's is pretty awesome.