Let’s face it: the area around Spokane Community College does not offer much in terms of quick and good lunch food. Quick, yes, but in terms of quality, it’s pretty much a wasteland. And while Sparky’s never have delivered Spokane’s best subs, the addition of it at Misson and Havana certainly is an improvement for the neighborhood.

Sparky’s slogan is “Friends don’t let friends eat at Subway,” which, while I do not have any particular beef with Subway, are words to live by. You won’t find any of Subway’s wilted vegetables at Sparky’s. Everything here is fresh, and that makes all the difference when it comes to the overall experience. And the service is fast. Really fast. I sat down for less than a minute, and the sub was done. They even apologized for making me wait.

What keeps Sparky’s out of Sub Division’s league is the average meat and bread. The vegetables are stellar, and I could forgive the average meat, but really… The bread is where it’s at when it comes to the perfect sub, and Sparky’s feels a bit “ho hum” in that area.

Still. This is a great addition to the SCC area, and a place that is well worth visiting. Go there and support them if you live or work near-by; they're at least worth a shot.