Pints Alehouse


Pints Alehouse cover

So here we have a newly opened spot on the northside where, if current internet chatter has it right, beer is taken seriously. Eighteen handles and a promise of dedicating at least one of them to something truly unique? Yes, internet chatter can often be misleading, but "instantly promising" came to mind when we first heard of Pints Alehouse.

And just this one time it looks like the internet got it right. Pints Alehouse is kind of a Hop Shop of the northside, and it should be a destination for anyone who likes good beer. Even though it has only been open for a short while, it has gotten everything it set out to do right, and still has the potential for growth. That's impressive.

The interiors are similar to the Hop Shop, thought the space here is larger. It's a good looking spot in a spartan type of way. The long bar provides plenty of seating, and the handles are grouped by beer styles.

We tried the Firestone Walker Velvet Merk(/l)in during our visit, which was their current special. Only two kegs have made their way to Spokane, or so we were told, and the second one won't be seen for a while as Manito is, apparently, storing it for now.

Frankly, the Velvet Merkin is worth the trip up north by itself. It's a great beer.

A quick look at Taplister reveals plenty of other reasons to make the trek. Stone's Double Bastard; 21st Amendment's Lower da Boom Barleywine; North Coast's Blue Star Wheat. That's just a selection of some of their better ales, and those are flanked by stand-by breweries like Deschutes and local 12 String.

There are also quite a few wines -- mostly locals -- to pick from, if that's more your thing.

Pints is a bar sans food, but the owners are looking at getting some food cart action happening, so keep an eye out for that.

Really, this spot is pretty much flawless for what it is. Friendly service and a great selection of beer... Pints has it all covered, and is worth the trip no matter where you're located in Spokane.