Lalo's Pizza & Calzone


Lalo's Pizza & Calzone cover

Lalo's has, apparently, changed ownership. We don't know if this is just a remnant of a site in desperate need of updating or if there actually are new owners, but either way, we felt the need to investigate.

Going by memory, I would say Lalo's has changed a bit from the last time we tried them. The style of the pies is still the same: It's on the upper end of the Pizza Ritas of the world, and it's better than Pizza Pipeline. Granted, that might not equal a glowing recommendation, but like the proverb says: "It is what it is." And what it is, is not great, but it is OK for what it is. (Philosophical, no?)

Anyway, as far as changes go, the crust seems to be just a bit thinner and a bit crispier now. It's not too bad, actually, even though it's far from anything Veraci or South Perry would serve up. Remember those thin crust pizzas from Domino's? It's like that, just crispy and with hints of flavor.

The toppings... Well... They seem somewhat fresh when compared to Rita's wilted vegetables, and the cheese has just a bit of a char to it. The problem comes down to the relative lack of grease. That is in itself a good thing, but the toppings have next to no flavor. With grease you at least taste something.

Overall it is what it is, and it's not great. It is better than the aforementioned "fast food pizza" options, but that's kind of like saying the first Twilight movie was better than the second one. It kind of was, I suppose, but that's grading on a rather mediocre scale.

In that sense Lalo's is the Twilight of pizzas. We would generally prefer to watch True Blood, but once in a while you just want to shut your brain off and watch those vampires glimmer.

Ultimately that's what Lalo's is: Twilight. Take that for what it's worth.