Tony Ferraro's Burgers and Italian Bistro


Tony Ferraro's Burgers and Italian Bistro cover

Steer Inn on Market is changing. Sorta. They still have their burgers, and I suppose they've had Italian fare for a while, but now they have a new name on a large sign. And the Italian portion of the menu has been expanded.

The Ferraros claim to have the best spaghetti and meatballs in town. I can't vouch for the spaghetti, but the meatballs are very good. Not sure if they're best in town or not, but good all the same. 

I tried the meatball sandwich with cheese. The bread was better than many sandwich shops around town -- I'm looking disapprovingly in Sparky's direction -- and the marinera sauce had a nice tangy sweetness to it. In a sense I suppose the cheese was superflous, as the flavor of the gently spiced meatballs and sauce overpowered it, but what can you do... Save the 50 cents next time, go without, and you have a sandwich under $5. Not too bad.

There's a drivethrough still, and the interiors are fast-food style, just with roses on the table, which, frankly, is kind of like trying to plant petunias around Tchernobyl.


I'm not sure if Tony Ferraro's is what legends are made of, but it's certainly good enough for a quick lunch stop. You're probably not going to be taken back to your days in Brooklyn or Napoli or whatever, but approach the spot with an open mind and it's decidedly a good quick stop for a sandwich.

And who knows, maybe the spaghetti really is the best in town? We might have to find out at some other time.