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Pacific Ave Pizza


Pacific Ave Pizza cover

Pacific Ave Pizza's past is of the sordid kind, one filled with pies that could take on Pizza Hut and lose. Years have gone by since I last tried them and ownership has apparently changed in the meantime. We're all about second chances here at SpoCOOL.

Now first, the space has certainly been kicked up a notch. Gone is the more laidback pub look, replaced with more of an edgier (I use the word loosely here) feel. It's probably more appropriate that way, and the outdoor seating is quite decent. All in all the space is nice, and with a good selection of beers on tap it could be a destination for its porch alone.

The pizza, meanwhile, is so-so. Better than what it used to be, but still a bit of a letdown. It's all about the crust, which here is comprable to the Pizza Ritas of the world. A higher quality version, but yet without a proper bite to it. It's also a greasy pie, and excessively so.

On the plus side the toppings are pretty good, and my pepperoni came nicely charred.

The pizza isn't fantastic then, but it could be improved by giving the crust a bit more of a zap. We hold out hope for it, as it's not awful by any means. The outdoor seating is great and the service is friendly.

Pacific Ave Pizza is worth stopping by if you're in the neighborhood. Here's hoping the pies will improve.