South Perry Pizza


We’re not quite sure where South Perry Pizza came from, but it’s here, and we’re fans. And so can you be—literally—on Facebook.

Located in a garage in its namesake neighborhood, South Perry Pizza kind of feels more like a Portland joint than most other pizza places in town. If this is a good or a bad thing is up to the individual, but the place is a bit different, and that’s refreshing. And it’s popular too. On an early Wednesday evening South Perry Pizza was packed, and people were taking advantage of both the table seating and the rather large bar.

The pizzas are good. Very good. The thin crust, cooked in a Wood Stone oven, is crisp yet has a nice bite to it at the same time. Our 12” Artichoke pie ($11) was sparsely topped with mozzarella and feta, and sprinkled with kalamatas, roasted red peppers, and sprinkled with olive oil. No marinara sauce to be seen. In other words, a pie that felt decidedly more Italian than American, and a contender for the best one we’ve tried in Spokane.

The service, fast, even though front of house looked understaffed. In fact, the only two real issues we had with the place were that it was loud, and the tap selection was a bit on the small side, with six to choose from.

Regardless, that’s a minor complaint. We’re having some loving feelings for South Perry Pizza, and so should you. It’s awesome.