Kim's Korean Restaurant


Kim's Korean Restaurant cover

Kim's Korean. Now here's a place we so often forget, and that's sort of a crime. Exactly why we decided to make a return right at this time is unknown, but in retrospect I guess it was appropriate. All these pictures of Kim Jong-un pointing at things? I mean, come on, it's thrown at us every day.

And Kim's -- the restaurant -- is an excellent spot, one none of us should forget about. There aren't many Korean restaurants in town, but Kim's does what it does the right way; tasty Korean dishes, all served with a good variety of small plates, known as banchan.

Trying the bulgogi during a recent visit, we certainly were impressed. The beef based dish comes on a sizzling plate -- always fun -- nicely presented with a variety of vegetables.

What makes this dish stand out to me, is the sauce, simply described as "seasoned soy" on the menu. It has just a little bit of a kick to it, without being too spicy. The tenderness is right where it should be too, right as advertised.

The kimchi bokkeumbab -- kimchi mixed with fried rice -- fares just as well. This is exactly what it sounds like, and again there's a good, spicy kick to the dish, yet still without being overpowering. You can add the meat of your choice, with the pork working particularly well. It is thinly sliced, with an almost bacon-esque quality to it, and has a good depth to the flavor.

But back to the banchan. This might just be my favorite part of the meal, and the selection always seems to differ. Among the large number of plates, we saw everything from marinated tofu to something I assume was some sort of fish coated with egg. Mix and match with the main dish, and you have an incredibly varied meal going.

Overall, then, there is little to complain about here. The food is great, the service is friendly, and they play Thriller on the stereo. That's the kind of combination that adds up to greatness.