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Famous Ed's


Famous Ed's cover

The brainchild of the respective owners of Fast Eddie's and David's Pizza, Famous Ed's is sadly more the former than the latter.

Word had it the pizza would be more than reminiscent of David's but it's not. Maybe they tried and failed, but Famous Ed's pies reminds me more of a slightly upscale version of Pizza Pipeline. That doesn't mean the pizza is bad, just that there are many better options out there, including David's itself.

The main problem lies in the crust, which has none of the great crisp you see at South Perry, Flying Goat, Ferrante or Veraci, nor the bite seen at Bennidito's. It's just a little bit dull and a little bit too doughy; something out of the Pizza Hut playbook. The pepperoni topping is good, though the cheese is just so-so.

As far as the place itself goes, there's nothing wrong with the decor -- laidback, with plenty of famous Edwards on the wall -- and I'm sure you could find a worse place to grab a beer and a pizza.

The main issue isn't so much what Famous Ed's is, it's what it isn't. There are many places in town doing pizza better. Had Famous Ed's opened ten years ago it might have been a contender, but in 2011, we should expect something a bit more than a slightly fancier take on fast-food pizza.