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I will preface this by saying you could substitute "Willamette Dental" with pretty much any dentist offices out there. I'm sure most dental workers are swell people outside the office, but when you put those scrubs on them and give them devices intended for torture...

See, I honestly think Little Shop of Horrors got it right. You have to be at least a little sadistic to go into the dental profession. I don't know about you, but I can't remember waking up wanting to spend my days poking sharp objects into people's gums.

That in itself is bad enough, but the really sadistic part of it is the talking. You know. They put four of five apparatii in your mouth and start scolding you. "So, do you floss at least twice a day?" There are only two ways to answer this question: "No" or lie. Go with the latter and they will know, instantly. Go with the former and at least they will spare you the chiding for lying, and go straight to the lecture. 

Oh, the lecture. The tone of voice you usually save for elementary school children. It's all for naught, of course. I know I should floss. Of course I do! I know that it's just laziness that makes me floss once every three week, and that's in an extremely good month.

I suppose it's a good thing that somebody goes into the profession. Lord knows I wouldn't make my gums raw and tender myself. Plus there's that whole "health" thing, not losing teeth, and not looking like an idiot with brown teeth and all that jazz.

But other than them helping with those minor inconveniences, I have a hard time recommending Willamette Dental as a casual spot to spend your recreational time.

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