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Andy's Bar


For those of you who are too lazy to walk downtown from Browne’s Addition, and who are tired of The Elk and The Swamp, there is now Andy’s Bar. The former home of a rather red-leaning sandwich shop, Andy’s is now utilizing the Cedar and 1st space rather impressively—that they managed to fit both a large bar and a good amount of tables and chairs is impressive. There is also outdoor seating.

During our 1am visit there were still a good amount of people hanging out, and a variety of types of people. In other words, the homogeneous Baby Bar dress code was nowhere to be seen here. On the flipside, neither was a good selection of beer on tap. Both the IPA and Porter was done for the night, and the highest quality ale left was the Drop Top Amber. Nothing wrong with that beer in itself, but one could wish there was a bit wider selection and availability.

Regardless, I liked Andy’s. The place has a nice laidback low-key vibe, without feeling pretentious. (Hello, Baby Bar and Zola.) Definitely worthwhile checking out. Next time I will even try the food.