Brews on Washington


We liked them the first time, and by golly that opinion has not changed.

Brews on Washington fills a niche Spokane has sorely been lacking, a place where you can just hang, drink coffee or beer while noshing on appetizers or sandwiches. Not a bar, not a coffee shop, just a spot.

Like already mentioned, the coffee is good, or at least has been during our visits. The beer selection isn't huge, yet holds a high standard. The elusive Black Butte Porter XXIII is currently one of their six taps, and that should be reason enough to make you run down there.

The food, too, is good. Obviously this isn't Sante, or really a restaurant as such, but as far as a spot goes, we approve. Sandwiches are made using Petit Chat bread, thickly sliced and fresh looking. We tried a pita plate, and liked the artichokes, the whipped feta, and the fluffy pitas themselves quite a bit.  

Plus, there's free popcorn. Who doesn't like that? The communists, that's who.

It's good to have a spot where you can hang, and with its coffee, beer, and food, Brews on Washington is a great place to do just that. Highly recommended.