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Rebate in Pilar, Spain


Rebate in Pilar, Spain cover

We learned somebody were getting married at Rebate today, after reading our post about the spot. Therefore we figured a repost would be in order.

Located in the hills and orange groves north of Pilar, Spain is Rebate, a restaurant worth the trip to the border of the Valencia/Murcia regions should you visit the country. I mean, really. We could toss out superlatives here, but the dishes we sampled should speak for themselves:

Iberico pork confit in a port reduction. Ravioli filled with foie gras in a mushroom and duck sauce. Cheese stuffed chicken breast rolled in iberico ham with mushroom sauce. You are clinically dead if those dishes don't excite you.

Of course, good menu ideas hardly matter if they are poorly executed, but here we're talking amazing quality. The pork confit, for example -- the sauce wasn't overly sweet, just a perfect compliment to the wonderfully tender pork confit that was allowed to speak for itself. It came accompanied with a selection of glazed vegetables and mashed potatoes. As far as a taste of Spain goes, good pork tends to have it covered. This iberico pork wasn't just good, it was great, or even something beyond that.

Foie gras stuffed ravioli? Excellent. Creamy texture, with small slices of duck in the sauce. And, again, iberico ham with the chicken -- it's a great combination. Pick from a large selection of local wines at standard affordable Spanish prices, and you can have yourself a good evening here.

There are few places we 100% recommend, but Rebate is on that short list. Here you can taste the best of Spain, and it's affordable, cheaper than meals at many local restaurants. What's not to like about that?

In fact, stop reading this, and run out and book some tickets to either Alicante or San Javier! Sure, that might add to the price of the meal, but we think that's worthwhile.