Bottles cover

There are probably only two good reasons to travel to Millwood: One is to visit the original Rocket Bakery, the other is to hit up Bottles, the beer and wine shop from the people behind the aforementioned spot.

Bottles is great, particularly after a recent renovation expanded the beer selection and gave better room for wine. Their selection is good. Great even. The beer has now been ordered by type ("stouts," "IPAs," etc.) and bombers (22oz bottles) and smaller bottels have been separated. This makes finding what you're looking for a lot simpler, seeing how there's a lot to go through.

And while most other places in town charge for beer and wine tastings, Bottles is all free. Some of the breweries they've had through so far include Deschutes and Stone. So, yeah, impressive stuff.

Bottles is great. We're fans, and so should you be. Head on over. Now!