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Williams Seafood Market & Wine (Closed)


Williams Seafood Market & Wine (Closed) cover

Being roughly 300 miles from the sea doesn't exactly make Spokane much of a haven for great seafood. Thankfully there is still Williams Seafood, which likely is the best place to buy anything from the ocean -- or any body of water for that matter -- around here.

It's actually pretty impressive how fresh their seafood is. We recently picked up a Copper River king salmon, which was excellent in all senses of the word. Not that it was cheap, but at a price that was, apparently, fairly similar to what you could find one for in Seattle, I guess it's hard to complain.

Their selection of anything from tuna to eel is also always great. If you want seafood that doesn't always scream "farmed," then Williams is a safe bet.

Add to that a good selection of beer and wine as well as rubs and marinades, and you can easily make this your one-stop shop for a barbecue this summer.