The $100 Mac & Cheese Challenge

The $100 Mac & Cheese ChallengeSpokane

There's just something about a good mac & cheese, isn't there? The dish is, at its most basic level, about the simplest one out there -- Kraft has based a business around it -- yet when you find one that's really good, it is one highly satisfying eat.

That might have been why we found this Facebook -- people apparently still use it -- update intriguing.

Patrick throwing it down

$100 you say?

We were intrigued enough to head down to Saranac and try it out ourselves, and we will agree -- this was a good mac & cheese. But is it the best in Spokane?

Therefore we decided to extend Patrick's -- you know him and love him from Spiceavore -- $100 Mac & Cheese Challenge to you: Find a better mac & cheese than the one Saranac serves and Patrick will (or won't) give you $100.

How will these mac & cheeses be vetted? Simply e-mail or tweet @spocool with your favorite spot, and we'll forward them on to Patrick, and probably check them out for ourselves.

Hey, if nothing else, we can find the area's best mac & cheese. Let the great experiment begin!