Wild Sage Bistro


Wild Sage, we kind of forgot about you, didn't we? That's too bad, because this is quite an excellent restaurant, one that probably should be in your rotation of more upscale spots.

The food here is good, as are the drinks. My Negroni might not have quite been up there with Clover's or Italia Trattoria's, but it was still more than serviceable. For some reason a place that gets the Negroni right seems to also make good food. Coincidence? Maybe, but probably not.

At any rate, the calf's liver was very tasty. Liver's gotten kind of a bad rep over the years, and that's too bad. When made well, it's both flavorful and tender. Wild Sage got it right, and the accompanying bacon and grits made this a pretty potent flavor bomb, something that certainly surpassed your standard steak as far as taste goes. Don't fear the liver. Your grandmother was right; it's good for you.

The soups are equally well prepared, and the service holds a high standard. When we kinda, sorta described a style of drink, they were able to whip something up without much of a problem. Creativity, it goes a long way. We'll even toss out a few bonus points for the wine pairing suggestions they came up with.

Wild Sage reminds us of Mizuna in many senses. The food is good and fresh, there's a high quality wine selection, and the bar is well stocked. No wonder it placed #4 on last year's "best of" -- we won't forget about Wild Sage so quickly again.