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Bon Bon Lounge


Bon Bon Lounge cover

It is, apparently, Garland Week here at ye olde SpoCOOL, and why not? The neighborhood is going through a boom period, and is alongside the downtown core and South Perry one of the more interesting and vibrant areas in town.

Bon Bon is a classic and classy lounge. Think 40s/50s movie bars where Cary Grant and Jimmy Stewart would suave it up with Grace Kelly, and you have the general idea. Dan Spalding was responsible for lot of the interiors, and the space catches the classic movie theater lounge perfectly. (Wear your linen suit here, for full effect.)

The cocktails follow suit; classic drinks, often with modern twists, all nicely mixed. My Negroni was very refreshing and came served in a cool coupe to boot. There are a handful of "specials" also, and Top That's Cane Flower was very tasty. Perfectly balanced in sweetness and citrusy flavors.

To top it off, Bon Bon also offers cheese and charcuterie plates from Sante. Nobody can complain about that. 

The only real issue with Bon Bon is that the drinks don't come cheap. A good cocktail rarely does, one might argue, and that's valid, but with assorted drinks crossing the $10 mark, well, it's not cheap fun, particularly in a neighborhood bar.

But hey, it's fun none the less.