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Tecate Grill


Despite its claims, Tecate Grill won’t provide you with an instant gateway to authentic Mexican cuisine. It will, however, give you a serving of “fresh Mex” that actually tastes good, something which is somewhat of a rarity in this town.

My chimichanga certainly lived up to its “fresh” promise, with a nicely spiced salsa—not too hot, but not tomato sauce either—over chicken in a crisp flour tortilla. It might not shout De Leon, but it definitely screams summer, and that’s what I need when it’s around a hundred degrees outside. Served with a nice tortilla soup, I was pleasantly surprised by the whole meal. It doesn’t try to be too fancy and that’s fine.

The interiors aren’t bad either. It gives that summer-y feel, and while it’s a bit cheesy, it doesn’t reach the forced feeling most “theme” restaurants give.

I like Tecate. It is what it is, and it is good at it.