Taco Loco


We got word from DOMA that Taco Loco is worth checking out when in Post Falls, particularly for their salsa. Who are we to question that? We're not, and on a recent fact finding mission eastward, we stopped by the small taco shop on Seltice.

Now first thing first, the tacos themselves aren't half bad. The tortillas seemed a bit dry and were possibly from the grocery store, but the carnitas were excellent. Perfectly seasoned with nice texture and flavor. We would have liked to have sampled the carne asada too, but the lunch rush had left them emptied out of most everything. You snooze, you lose as they say.

The tacos were definitely good, though a bit too stuffed for my liking. I assume the bang for the buck factor might be popular with some though, and a buck-fifty is a good deal. (There's apparently also a two pound burrito there, but that seems like an overkill to me.)

The salsa, though, that's what it's all about. The fact that they differentiate between "hot sauces" and "salsas" is a good sign, and their homemade hot sauces are definitely hot. I'd recommend trying them on the tacos, as the chunky salsa would just add a bit too much to the mix.

With that said, for heaven's sake, get the salsa and take it home, as it is delicious. Perfectly fresh tasting, a bit of kick, yet mellow enough for everyone to enjoy. There's that depth of flavor that you only get with a good salsa, the one that kinda sits with you for a while. Taco Loco's has that and that's good enough for us.

So. Good tacos, great salsa. Crazy yellow decor. The spot is worth checking out if you head across the border.