Wolffy's Hamburgers

The Great Burger ChaseSpokane

Wolffy's Hamburgers cover

I'm honestly not that much of a hamburger guy, seeing most of them taste pretty much the same. Am I saying burgers generally are dull? Yes, I believe so, and I stand behind that statement!

Wolffy's, however, is one of the good ones. Here the meat was juicy without being overly greasy, and there actually was a bit of flavor to the patties. A step up from most burger spots in other words.

My sandwich came with jalapeños, which gave the whole thing a bit of a kick, as well as pepper jack cheese. The latter tasted like one of those prepackaged slices, and was kind of a let down when compared to the actual burger. Same could be said about the rather dull buns.

Fries were served by the bucketload, almost literally, and they were fine. Not awesome, and definitely in need of salt, but still did the job after a bit of doctoring.

The 1950s interiors were cool enough, and overall Wolffy's is anything but a shabby burger spot. Do I love it? No, but I at least like their burgers.