Dolly's Cafe


Dolly's Cafe cover

Not that the colors of the exterior should make much of a difference, but more stylish as the tan might be, I preferred the pink. It was kind of a landmark. A garish landmark, sure, but a landmark all the same.

That aside, I do think Dolly's at least looks better after its makeover, particularly as far as the interiors go. The food, too, is actually pretty decent stuff. My omelet was nicely cooked -- eggs still fluffy and what not -- and was served with a Hollandaise sauce that probably didn't come straight from a bag. (Though probably pre-prepared by URM or something, but hey, this is a diner after all.)

The vegetables also weren't bad, and some jalapenos added a bit of kick to the whole dish. It'd probably make for a good hangover cure too, if that's what you're in the market for.

A quick sample of Top That's pancake was also good. Nice and fluffy, and definitely of a higher quality than many diners.

Add to that a good and quick service, and say Dolly's is a very good diner. I wouldn't wade through ten feet of snow to get there, but would possibly consider braving some summer showers. 

Dolly's is a-OK with me.