J-Walk Bakery & Bistro (Closed)


So here we have another small coffee shop that we quite, quite enjoy. Apparently J-Walk was financed by the owners' slot machine winnings -- who doesn't like a good rags to coffee shop gambling story? -- and it might very well be the best little coffee spot north of the river.

Any place that serves DOMA coffee is worth at least checking out, and the espresso shots pulled at J-Walk aren't half-bad. We haven't had anything to complain about during our visits at any rate, and the Americanos have been quite tasty.

The baked goods, meanwhile, hold an even better standard. They have a great scone here, one with an excellent texture -- dense, but not too dense. The flavors, ever changing, are creative, and we particularly like the apple-spice scone.

Finally, the space is well thought out. The garage door opening reveals a small counter area for ordering, while you can walk through to a separate room for seating. This split works well for studying or whatever, and you don't have to be bothered by people ordering.

The only real issue with J-Walk is that it might not be the #1 choice in the morning if you're in a hurry. With only one lady manning the store -- the proprietor, who is both professional and friendly -- you might have to wait a while before being served.

Still, that's more an inconvenience, and we quite enjoy the joyous mix of DOMA, pastries, and seating space. We highly recommend J-Walk.