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Salumiere Cesario

RestaurantsWalla Walla

It probably comes as a surprise to no-one that Walla Walla, for its size, has quite a decent food scene. I mean, with the wine and all that, it just kind of makes sense.

Salumiere Cesario is not a restaurant per se -- it's a «gourmet grocery» store -- but as you would expect from a spot like this, it also has a small dining area. Here you can enjoy sandwiches based around their ample selection of meats and cheeses, alongside a selection of beers and wines.

And enjoy it you will, as the selection in general here is quite excellent. Possibly not huge, but then, why should it be? What's here is impressive, and the balance between it all -- meats, cheeses, wine, beer, kitchen supplies -- is spot on. They even sell ramen!

A lot of the cured meats come from Salumi in Seattle, including their famous (and tasty) mole salame. You can also find charcuterie standards like guanciale, and the Spanish mainstay jamón ibérico. (The latter is not cheap, but well worth the price.)

In fact, a perusal of their vendors and goods is probably a must.

Grab some gruyere and taleggio (or, Team SpoCOOL favorite, Drunken Goat), a baguette, and some local wine and Belgian beer, and you have quite the take-home meal going.

Walla Walla's downtown might not be big, but the amount of good food related spots down there is good. Salumiere Cesario is one of those spots you probably should wander into if you're hitting the tasting rooms: great food, both to go and to eat there, and other things you'll be a fan of.

And you will be: Only a fool could not love Salumiere Cesario.