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Casa de Oro


Casa de Oro cover

Let's talk Casa de Oro, because why not? I mean, OK, there are plenty of reasons not to talk about it, and even more reasons not to eat there, but then the latter might be a reason to talk about it anyway.


I find Casa de Oro somewhat offensive not necessarily because it's awfully bad -- it's no Fiesta Mexicana -- it's just awfully dull.

Take the fajitas, for example. This is a dish I tend to steer clear of at Mexican restaurants, but as Casa de Oro so proudly displays them on the menu... Hey, how bad could they be?

And again, they aren't that bad, they're just not that good either. They come as sizzling hot as they're advertised, and that's all well and good, but they're also terribly under seasoned. I mean, sauté up some chicken at home with taco powder from Safeway and you'll have more flavor than this.

The guacamole follows suit -- good guacamole should be fresh tasting, but the avocados here felt they were a day too old. And frankly, sour cream... It's well and fine when you make a few quick tacos at home, but I really do feel a restaurant could do something a bit more exciting than that.

So on, so forth. I mean, you get it. Casa de Oro is like the many many faceless Mexican restaurants in town, the ones that don't really try too hard and frankly seem more Mexican-ish than the genuine product.

I doubt we'll be back, unless we really have to. Life is too short for dull.