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Froyo Earth


Froyo Earth cover

Spokane has never quite been a haven for frozen yoghurt, possibly because a large part of the year here is... frozen... (See what I did there?!) This is too bad, but there you go.

Froyo Earth is hoping to buck the trend with its recently opened self-serve spot. I got to say, I quite like this whole concept: You grab a container and choose from ten flavors and add toppings of your choosing. Price is based on weight. Pretty straightforward.

You can, of course, choose multiple flavors, and with flavors paired up you can even create a swirl. Which is fun. 

Nothing was too over the top here in terms of selection. You have your standard chocolate, strawberry, peach, etc. The flavors were very good, though, and the fresh fruit toppings actually tasted fresh. In other words, everything here seemed to hold a pretty high standard, Hershey's Syrup aside.

Froyo has only been opened for a week, so we can only hope they will have a more exciting selection soon. What's there, though, is all very tasty. This is definitely a good spot for frozen yoghurt.