Cougar Country Drive-In

The Great Burger ChaseSpokane

Cougar Country Drive-In cover

Continuing our "when in Pullman" tripping series, one spot you really can't go wrong with is Cougar Country Drive-In. My Pullman knowledge might be rudimentary at best, and this is probably be a spot I'd skip past had I not had an experienced guide with me. It looks a bit... worn down... on the outside. You know. In best Zip's fashion.

The burgers, thankfully, are nothing like Zip's. Here you get nice sesame seed buns and meat that tastes like it actually might be of a decent enough quality. Tomatoes and lettuce and cheese tops it, and all in all it's a simple and good burger. Add some fries-sauce and you actually have what would be a stereotypical Norwegian fast food burger. True fact.

If you're vegetarian there are also a couple of options for you, including a vegan BOCA burger.

Also, the turtle cyclone makes a pretty sweet dessert.

Cougar Country is a pretty laidback drive-in, and it's not something I'd travel miles and miles to eat at. Like, I wouldn't drive to Pullman exclusively for their burgers. When in Pullman, though, Cougar Country serves up some truly great burgers. I kinda wish we had this spot in Spokane.