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Fiesta Mexicana


Fiesta Mexicana cover

Fiesta Mexicana is under new ownership. Or rather, “new” might be going a bit far, so “new to us” might be more of an appropriate way of putting it.

So what has changed? Preciously little, quite honestly, though one could somewhat reasonably argue that Fiesta Mexicana has gone from “eye gougingly horrible” to merely “eye gougingly awful”.

An improvement is an improvement though, so let's be positive here. The salsa, while still of grocery store caliber, actually had a bit of a kick to it. Did they add a drop of Frank's Hot Sauce into it? I don't know, but it seems possible, and I'd be OK with that.

Full of something almost akin to hope, I gave the pollo con crema a shot, and that's where it all truly fell apart. Again. Old Fiesta Mexicana style fell apart.

Maybe it's just me, but I am not sure dumping what I can only assume was a can of mushroom soup onto chicken can be considered a “house special”. The rice... Well, it was rice without anything really going for it. The refried beans tasted like something you'd get from a can.

I should probably interlude here and say I doubt any of this actually came from a can. It just tasted like it did, and in the end it really doesn't matter much if it was homemade or not. What matters is the flavor, and, well... No point repeating myself (again) about that.

Fiesta Mexicana still reeks of a holdover from Spokane's darker eras of dining. It simply is not good. At all.

Then again, you probably already knew that.