Five Guys Burgers and Fries

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Five Guys Burgers and Fries cover

Both Zagat and Obama are fans of Five Guys, and why not? The red and white decor might be austere, but with signs proudly displaying where today's batch of fries came from, it certainly has a leg up on the McDonald's of the world.

It's all pretty good too, so that helps. Not that I would walk hours in snow to get there or anything -- Crazy G's has better burgers -- but the fries here are something else. Fried in peanut oil, the fresh cut fries feel about a mile away from the frozen stuff most chains peddle. As far as fast food goes, they're the best in Spokane. Only real issue is that the "regular" serving is humongous, easily enough for three people. And that seems like sort of a waste.

The burgers aren't overly amazing, but probably within reach of the overrated In-N-Out. There's nothing particularly gourmet about what you get -- it's all cooked to "well done" and feels a bit greasy. On the plus side, you can custom order the toppings from a pretty decent arsenal, so some customization could be involved. 

And that's about it. Five Guys is a simple burger chain, really, with a limited menu, and free peanuts while you wait for your order. I'd recommend it, more so than any other fast food chain in Spokane, but there are better options from local vendors. Hit up Crazy G's or D. Lish's for some truly great burgers.