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Blu Berry Froyo


Blu Berry Froyo cover

Like mentioned many times before, we're not sure why Spokane picked up on the froyo craze so late, but here we are all the same, all about the froyo. 

Way up in the wild woods of the South Hill you'll find Blu Berry, which certainly serves up good frozen yoghurt, but offers little to differentiate itself from other Spokane spots. Considering there aren't too many local options up on the hill, that isn't necessarily a bad thing.

The process is what you'd expect: Pick your yoghurt -- YoCream, per usual -- choose from a bunch of rather predictable toppings, weigh in, pay, and stuff your face. Simple, tasty, and nothing you haven't seen before, and that's OK.

Is there any reason to visit Blu Berry over any othe froyo place in town? No, not really. Chill Spot is still on top of the heap, but really, most of these places follow a pretty set formula.

That might not make for an exciting visit, but I'll be damned if I don't like this whole froyo craze, delayed as it might be. And Blu Berry certainly does froyo perfectly well.