Moon's Mongolian Grill


Moon's Mongolian Grill cover

My experience with the whole Mongolian grill concept is sadly lacking. Of course, "sadly" might not be the first word that pops to mind, but you get what I'm saying. It's lacking.

So for those as unfamiliar with it as I am, this is how it goes: You pick from a large buffet of vegetables, noodles and meats, put it all on your plate, and spice it up with different sauces and broths. Then you take the plate up to some random looking guy who throws it on a large hot plate. Said person throws it on aforementioned hot plate, and then hands the finished dish over to you. To then have the option to tip him.

The latter might sound odd, but when you see the admiring stares of some the Moon customers, I am guessing they're making quite a pretty penny from doing a seemingly mundane task.

So, the food... It's not that bad. The vegetables aren't of super high quality, but when grilled they do the job. And there are recipes of how you can mix the different sauces into various super-sauces, although I preferred to make my own combination. Even if I wasn't on the month long Sustaining Straight Edge Vegan Foods During September in Spokane (Challenge) challenge I would have stayed away from the meat, which looked awfully suspicious.

And that's about what there is to it. For $9 you can go an unlimited number of times, and from what I noticed, people were using that privilege liberally. 

This isn't great food by a long shot, but for mixed company I suppose it's all OK. Nothing tasted offensively bad, other than the rice, which was just mush.

I'm not sure I'd go back, but it's worth visiting at least once.