Great Harvest Bread Company


Great Harvest Bread Company cover

Go for the bread and baked goods but don't stay for lunch. That's the best way to sum up Great Harvest, a very good bakery, but less than stellar sandwich shop.

The former has the good, basic telltale signs. Baking occurs on premise and in full view in front of you. This certainly is better than other "bakeries" in town where all the goods are shipped in from central locations.

Bread and croissants hold high quality, as do the sweeter stuff, like some awesome macaroons.

The lunch fare, meanwhile, really isn't worth it. We're talking soup which surely was not homemade and tasted more like saltwater. Dull chicken salad. You get the point. Buy the bread, take it home, and make your own sandwich.

Because as far as the bakery goes, Great Harvest is definitely a good choice for your bread needs.