So, Luna.

It has, of course, been around since the dawn of man, and pretty much everybody has an opinion about it. There was a time it was considered one of the best restaurants in Spokane, though I think we can say with some certainty that time has passed.

That's not to say Luna is bad. It is just fine, like it always has been. In fact, everything is what it always was. The menu, the decor, and the clientele. I mean, really, I've rarely seen as much blue hair as I saw here.

The food? Just fine. Good. A perfectly decent brunch spot.

Is there anything to really say about the eggs Benedict that couldn't be said about any good, baseline versions of the dish? I don't think so. The Bouzies English muffin might be a step or two above the same old, but not to the point you'd run out, yelling to the sky about the experience you just had.

It's comparable to something you'd find at an upscale-ish hotel. Predictable; good; safe.

The creole polenta, too, fared the same way. Not bad by any means, but pretty much what one would (and probably should) expect. The andouille sausage had a bit of a kick to it, I suppose, but not to the point where your grandma would have a fit over it.

It's all safe. Does that make it dull? Well, yes. But that doesn't have to be a bad thing.

Luna is one of those spots you visit every odd year or so, and kinda think «hey, this wasn't too bad» while you help your grandmother into the car.

We probably need spots like Luna. Plus, hey, the interiors are very nice.