NUDO Ramen House


You know, we really like the work of HDG quite a bit. As far as their interior design goes, you get that odd mix of a minimal base, with a maximal finish. NUDO is a good example: here you get a light breezy feel, coupled with Roy Lichtenstein-style punches throughout.

In other words, NUDO's interiors (and exteriors, really) are awesome.

Luckily, and more importantly, the food fares rather well, too.

Their steamed gyozas, for example, filled with pork and chicken went over well during our visit. The meat had a spicy flavor to it, and the desired bite was there. Add the vinaigrette, which pairs nicely, and you have a good fresh appetizer.

The yakitori skewers are reasonably priced between $2-$4, and are surprisingly large. Our favorite was probably the asparagus, which came with a sauce that did not overpower the vegetable. The mushrooms -- nicely textured ones at that -- followed suit.

I wouldn't say the chicken wings lived up to their «spicy» claim, but the seasoning itself was quite good. The meat seemed just a little fatty to me, but that might possibly be a result of having the wings paired with the aforementioned vegetables.

Now, the ramen burger. It has been pimped pretty heavily, and I was sorta curious of how it would work, if at all. My opinions are mixed on that.

The flavor definitely was there, with a ramen flavorful enough for us to recommend NUDO as a ramen house in general. It had a nice bite to it, and was prepared properly for holding.

But! You still can not eat it as a proper burger. I guess some will claim you can, but I could not figure it out. The problem lies in the heat of the ramen -- holding it is nigh impossible, and it does not work as a bun replacement. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. Use your fork, and you'll be OK.

Back to the flavor: Who would have thought the ramen and cheese would go so well together? Ramen and cheese is a great combination. I was surprised.

The beef patty was a bit overcooked for my liking, but had a nice flavor to it none the less. The tonkatsu sauce accompanied it well.

Finally, the mochi ice cream, both the green tea and mango, are excellent. The consistency was just right, as were the flavors.

All in all, our lunch was a very positive experience. Tasty food, each item clocking in under $13, in a great setting… Not bad at all. We definitely recommend NUDO. Go give it a shot. Your experience will, hopefully, mirror ours.