The $100 Mac & Cheese Challenge: The Elk Irish Cheese

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The $100 Mac & Cheese Challenge: The Elk Irish Cheese  cover

The introduction really isn't necessary anymore, I suppose, but for the benefit of those who might need a reminder...

Patrick throwing it down

We're not sure if this $100 promise really is in effect anymore -- Donald Trump probably would claim it is -- but this is an honorable mission to undertake anyway. The world needs to know.

The Elk's offering is, in theory, a bit different than some of the other mac and cheeses we've tried, but then again, so is the Elk. This is the spot that has advertised through the domain since '02, which makes them, what? Pre-hipsters?

Their mac and cheese has a similarly creativity behind it being called "cheese and macaroni". Irish Cheese & Macaroni at that, and it's only on the menu this week, presumably in celebration of St Patrick's Day.

It's kind of beyond me how Irish it actually is, though I'm guessing the abundance of Irish cheeses make it what it is. Flavor wise I wouldn't say it's particularly different from the more traditional mac and cheeses we've tried, but that's not to say this isn't good. Because it is. Good.

So, the cheeses. There are a lot of them, including a Dubliner, a porter based Cahill, as well as the more traditional Swiss. In other words, it is both a cheesy and creamy dish.

We do enjoy the smaller macaroni noodles the Elk uses, and they are nicely cooked here. Not mushy, and though they aren't entirely al dente, they still have a decent bite to them.

Topped with a smattering of bread crumbs, I'd say this is a very pleasant mac and cheese. Or cheese and mac. Either way, it was very Elk-y. You know, following that traditional Elk style of flavors.

Is the Irish Cheese & Macaroni a winner in the challenge? Well, that's up to you decide, and you'll have to decide quickly -- the dish will be gone for a year by the end of the week.

And hey, you really can make your voice be heard, what with the voting system and all. Heck, you can even go back and rate the other mac and cheeses