The Cottage Cafe


The Cottage Cafe cover

So here's a diner that doesn't suck. This is actually quite a compliment, seeing that most Spokane diners, with a few exceptions, tend to be average Sharis clones. If that is why Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives didn't visit any diners while in town is anybody's guess.


The Cottage Cafe actually manages to capture the ambiance of a small-town British pub pretty well, though the food is pretty standard diner fare done well. I am always the masochist who orders Eggs Benedict at diners, lord knows why, as it never ends well, but here I was actually pretty pleased. I wouldn't walk through snow to try them again, but they were tasty.

Sure, I've had better Hollandaise sauce, but even if this did come from a packet, it came from a good packet. 

Better yet were the potatoes, pictured above. I had expected some greasy slop, but these were nice and clean tasting, and I assume at least partly baked.

The "fresh" orange juice, meanwhile, I'm pretty sure came from a carton. Not worth the price.

Overall I think the Cottage Cafe was very decent. There's quite a wait during the weekends, and it could be argued any which way if hanging around is worth it or not. But I'd at least give it a shot.