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Bowl'z Bitez & Spiritz (Closed)


"This is the type of place I'd go to pick up men... Though not the good kind." - Anonymous, paraphrased.

Spokane is having a love affair with the letter "z", and is not shy about using it as a replacement for an "s" or two in its restaurant names. Bowl'z Bitez & Spiritz -- yes, that is a rarely seen possessive "z" -- has taken this to a somewhat unheard of level, with an unprecedented three replacements. That is pretty special.

But you know, I actually cannot bring myself to be too snarky about Bowl'z Bitez & Spiritz. Not because the place is good... Trust me, it is anything but, yet the people who worked there were really friendly, and I can't help but think they really meant well. And I'm sure there are those who will really like Bowl'z Bitez & Spiritz, though I sincerely doubt that includes you.

Should you happen to stop by, I would recommend skipping dinner. And probably drinks too. All the food here are supposed to be served in bowlz, but they really aren't bowlz, unless you count those high edged plates you get in a school cafeteria as being bowlz. Either way: What you get in said bowlz is just... I mean, wow. Just very, very sad.

We left most of the tasting to the rest of the party, all of who seemed somewhat miffed to be pulled into an evening at Bowl'z. A taste of the shrimp po boy -- I'm pretty sure they called it a shrimp bowl boy -- was enough for me. This was pretty grotesque, and I'd be willing to bet the cold, slimey, stringy shrimp came from a can and... No, just don't eat there. Multiple people can testify to it.

In that sense, I guess the lesson learned is the more unnecessary Z's, the higher the red flag is raised.

Other than the food, the beer selection is... spartan... and the ambiance was not made better by either the hobo chugging his PBR behind us or Peaches's "Fuck the Pain Away" blasting from the jukebox. (This is a classy joint!)

But really, the staff was very nice. I actually feel badly for not liking the place. There's just nothing here I could think of recommending, unless Jell-O shots and Irish car bombs are your thing. As it isn't for us, we can't really think of much reason to ever stop by again.