Little Garden Cafe


Little Garden Cafe cover

I'm pretty sure we have mentioned Little Garden Cafe before, but I can't for the life of me figure out where. Maybe it was on Twitter, who knows?


Little Garden Cafe is located in Audubon, which is quite a nice area if you can close your eyes while driving through the less than awesome looking parts of Northwest Blvd. I mean, seriously, close your eyes; it's not like you'll be hitting any pedestrians as there aren't any. When you start hearing screams, you know you'll be close to Audubon Park, and you can safely open your eyes.

As for the cafe, it's a little oasis in the neighborhood, and I'd pick it over nearby Downriver Grill any day of the week. (Though not any time, as it closes at 4pm.) It has a nice casual laidback vibe, with vibrant colored interiors and comfortable outdoor furniture inside. Sadly there are, at the time of writing, only two tables outside. 

I haven't actually tried their coffee yet, but their lemonade cheesecake smoothie is a not-so-guilty pleasure that's definitely worth sampling. Better still are their bagel sandwiches, topped with omelet, cheese, tomatoes, bacon and more. The sauce served on the sandwich holds a high standard.

Make sure to also try out their baked goods. Their blueberry muffins are pretty damn excellent. 

In fact, Little Garden Cafe is excellent and should be checked out, like, right now.