Pho City


Pho City cover


There are certain locations around Spokane that seem to be cursed, something the multitude of Taajs can testament to. 112 N Howard might just be the next location to join the fray, what with Meritage, Santorini's, and now Ph City having tried its luck in the space.

That's not to say we want Phở City to go away or anything, but something needs to change for us to come back.

The service, for example, while friendly, was overly slow. For the most part we're pretty OK waiting a bit for our food, but it seems excessive having to sit around for half an hour to be served some phở and vermicelli. Furthermore, with only three occupied tables it also seems kind of ridiculous to have to wait close to fifteen minutes to have our order taken.

The food wasn't particularly memorable either. The server had forgotten to serve the phở with the sriracha and hoison sauces which gave us a good chance to taste the chicken broth by itself. There was very little going on there, bordering on being flavorless. Worse still was the bone I found in the chicken which doesn't exactly inspire much confidence in the dish.

Adding the sauces did add a bit of flavor to an otherwise dull dish, but not to the point we'd run back to try it. Phở Van does a far better job.

The vermicelli fared somewhat better, and the tofu had a bit of a bite to it while being nicely seasoned. Again, though, that was pretty much where the flavor train ended, and the rest came off as rather dull.

I do feel badly being so critical about Phở City. The staff was very friendly, but that can only get you so far when the food is bland and the service is slow. By all means give it a shot, but I doubt you'll be blown away by anything here.