Central Food (Closed)


Central Food (Closed) cover

After a less than mind-blowing opening, we continue our ever so Great Egg McMuffin Chase at Central Food. Their Bacon & Egg Toast is utilitarian both in name and appearance, and the toppings don't add much more complexity: simply eggs, cheese, and bacon on an open faced sandwich. Simple, and that's not a bad thing.

In a sense it all comes down to the bread. The bread is the basis of any good McMuffin Replacement™, and that alone puts Central ahead of most eateries in Spokane. The bread scene here (or the lack thereof) leaves something to be desired, but Central gets it right. Great tasting, great bite, and even great looking... You're pretty much dead to us if you're not fawning over this bread.

The comté goes well with the crispy bacon, and it's all topped with an egg cooked to order. Simple. Maybe not exciting, and that might be off-putting to some, but come on... Why would you want to add unnecessary layers to something that tastes good on its own accord? You know who would do such a thing? The Communists, that's who.

This is an excellent sandwich. It is what a McMuffin Replacement™ should be. Simple, fresh, and tasty, with a killer bread. Everything that's part of a great breakfast.

Pro tip, courtesy of Mrs Mr Spokane: To hell with cholesterol. Go crazy and ask for two eggs. Who doesn't love eggs?