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Celebrations cover

I think my thing is that I don't "get" cupcakes. You might say there is little to "get," and that might very well be correct. Maybe I just don't "get" Celebrations? I just wasn't that bowled over by their cupcakes.

That's not to say they were bad. They weren't. The cake part was fine; nothing crazily exciting, and I couldn't really distinguish the flavors between the various cupcakes too distinctly, but that's not to say it was offensively awful or anything. Just OK.

I can't say I was sold on the frosting, however. They were, from what I can understand, made using either buttercream or cream cheese, and were rich. Very rich. A bit too rich, in fact. Again I had problems truly distinguishing the flavors, largely because it almost felt like taking a bite of butter. There were some flavors there, sure, but the richness kind of hid them.

The cupcakes weren't bad, nor were they amazing, and the chocolate chip cookie was actually the best thing we picked up at Celebrations. I certainly do hope the proprietors see great success, as the place is worth visiting.

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