Sweet Frostings. Blissful Bakeshop


Sweet Frostings. Blissful Bakeshop cover

Spokane has cupcake fever, a disease it caught a few years later than the rest of the country. In that sense, it's not much different from the frozen yoghurt situation, but I digress. Sweet Frostings. Blissful Bakeshop, with its awkward punctuation and all, kind of got lumped in with the many new cupcakes shops in town, and we find that to be a bit unfair. Sure, there are a lot of cupcakes here, but there's more to Sweet Frostings than just that, be it other sweet or savory offerings.

With that said, the cupcakes here are good, this is coming from someone who doesn't particularly love the stuff.

We tried the strawberry/champagne flavor which was a few notches better than your average cupcake, largely because it was not too sweet. Here you could actually taste both the champagne and strawberries, and the frosting did not overpower anything with an over the top sweetness. (Kind of ironic, I suppose, name of bakery taken into consideration and all.)

Even better was their s'mores bar. Again, not too sweet, yet rich, with the marshmallows nicely balanced on top of a brownie-like bar. Granted, having more than one of these might be an overkill, but that's kind of in the nature of the pastry.

The location has a nice feel to it -- walls painted in vaguely loud colors that don't actually pin you down to the ground and scream in your face -- and the counter has the various baked goods well laid out, making it easy to pick and choose.

So we like Sweet Frostings. Of the wave of new bakeries opening, this might just be the best one.