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Churchill's Steakhouse


Churchill's Steakhouse cover

A mere fire can’t hold a good steakhouse down.

And keep that in mind: Churchill’s is very much a steakhouse. This isn’t somewhere you go to be dazzled by clever and innovative cooking. For that you have Sante. If you want a steak with all its classic—some may say predictable—fixings, however, you can’t go far wrong with Churchill’s.

Honestly, I don’t really crave steakhouse meals that often, but once a year… Well, you know how it is. Our meal at Churchill’s, at any rate, was excellent for what it was. The tournadoes of Beef Oscar were perfectly cooked to medium-rare served with a nice bernaise sauce. Why I rarely can find a good bernaise around here is a debate for another time, but at least Churchill’s does one well enough.

The filet mignon, which probably is Team SFB’s favorite cut, held a high standard. I suppose that’s not too surprising, as, shy of overcooking it, it takes a bit to mess it up, but I digress… It was nicely seasoned, and looked about as good as a piece of meat can look on a plate.

Other than the food, the restaurant has undergone a post-fire makeover, and is a bit more contemporary and a bit less hotel-lobby like. I’d chalk that up as a good thing.

Really, the only negative part I can think of is that Churchill’s is not a cheap dinner. Two people can expect to pay around a hundred bucks for a couple of steaks and glasses of wine. Not exactly a casual meal in that aspect.

But by all means, Churchill’s definitely is what it is, and perfectly so.