Brick City Pizza


Brick City Pizza cover

Brick City Pizza has the somewhat dubious honor of being the hardest to locate restaurant in Spokane. Oh, finding the building is easy enough -- it's the glorified strip-mall on 29th, the one made out of bricks -- but once there, things get a bit more complicated. In fact, for your convenience, here's a map.


You're welcome.

A map might be something Brick City should consider actually. We were the only people there during our lunch-hour Friday visit. One confused man tried to enter the front door after having walked back and forth for about five minutes. Then the door was locked. Doh.

That aside, is Brick City a spot you want to dump South Perry for? Not quite, but it's not too bad for what it is: a good step above the Pipelines of the world, though not up there with the aforementioned South Perry or Veraci or whatever.

There are many things Brick City gets right, mind you. In fact, I'm not sure there's anything it gets downright wrong. 

The pizza crust, for example, has a nice flavor to it while being decently charred. I'm not sure if the pizza oven is the same as the former tenant, Villagio, but I do think there are obvious similarities between the two crusts.

I wouldn't necessarily run around praising the toppings from the top of my lungs, but they're still serviceable. Decent pepperoni and all. It is all a bit too greasy for my liking though, and a good patting down with a paper towel wouldn't be completely out of place.

Oh, and try the breadsticks, if only for the marinara sauce. It's nice and tangy.

I don't know, is there really that much more to say about Brick City? It's not bad at all. It's not great, but not bad. We'd go back. The service is good, and they have a handful of decent taps.

Brick City is just fine then, and it's worth visiting if you can find it. It might not be a spot that'll place too highly in your rotation, but it might just find a spot in it anyway.