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nYne Bar & Bistro


nYne Bar & Bistro cover

nyNe might be a sports bar aimed mostly at women, but that doesn't mean the rest of us can't go there.

Because, as far as a bar for watching sports go, nyNe is not too bad at all. The interiors are very well thought out, giving the spot more of a high end feel than their counterparts. Brick and tall ceiling with exposed wood beams marry a well stocked bar with a decidedly modern feel. A good handful of TVs are evenly spread around the open space, and we certainly had no issues watching that evening's Zags game.

There is a handful of taps in the bar, a couple of which were good, including Clem's Gold, a Lagunitas IPA and Negra Modelo to spice it up a bit. It's not a beer bar, and you might be better off going with a cocktail.

The food, meanwhile, was actually surprisingly good. One might not set the bar too high for any sports bar, but our pita platter was pretty fresh tasting -- although the pitas probably came straight from Sysco -- and a good alternative to the typical greasy stuff you get in places like this. Good prices, too, most items rolling in under $10.

nyNe's a good spot. We like it. It's laidback and does what it does well, and that's all we need.