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Twelve String Brewing Co Taproom


We ventured into the deep bowels of the Valley to check out Twelve String Brewing Co's taproom. And we're fairly literal when we say "deep": This spot is located within a stripmall in an industrial part of the Valley that, somewhat strangely, also houses a winery and a chocolate store. Go figure.

Anyway, the interiors of the taproom are quite inviting, and the space looks pretty much like a taproom should look like. Lots of wood, a fairly large bar, and some high tables scattered around. Not super fancy, but then again why would it be?

About half a dozen of their beers are featured on tap, alongside a "guest handle", and a cider. There are some nuts and stuff on the menu too, but let's be honest: This is a taproom, not a brewpub. Stop by for the beer. 

The best way to judge a taproom is, not surprisingly, to try their product, and here are a few of them:

C#7#5 IPA: Not a shabby IPA at all. Round flavors, with a smooth, citric touch. Really, one of the better local IPAs we've had.

Drop D Stout: Kind of a disappointing stout. Thin, with a vaguely Alka-Seltzer like aftertaste. Avoid the Drop D.

Roundabout Confusion: This one is a lot better. We've seen it classified as a "harvest ale", but in my mind it had more hints of a Scotch ale. Big flavors, based around some sweet maltiness makes the Roundabout Confusion a winner.

Really, you should just stop by Twelve String if you like beer. It's a promising brewery, and the taproom has a nice feel to it. We like it.